Monday, August 8, 2011

How to List Your Item.

I know listing an item for sale can be a daunting process so I have made this little guide to help you out!

  1. Log in to Dawanda
  2. In the upper right hand corner click "Sell my products". This will take you to the "List a new product page".
  3. Choose your item category, sub category, and whatever category you would like it to be in your shop. If you are listing an item that is similar to another item in your shop you can click on the link "Click here, to use one of your items as template"
  4. Fill in titles and item descriptions in one or even all three of Dawanda's languages. Don't forget your keywords!
  5. Add your prices for the item and shipping both domestic and international. If you don't want to ship internationally don't check the check box.
  6. Write how many you are selling in the quantity field.
  7. Click "Save and Continue" and be magically transported to the "Upload Product Images" page.
  8. Now for the fun of uploading your item pictures! You can have up to four images. I suggest using your most straightforward and eye catching picture as your default. People are more likely to look at something with a clear nicely lit photo. Click on Browse and it will open a menu for you to search through your computer to find your item photos. Once you have found it click on it and hit ok. Then click on Upload Image and Tada! your picture is now on the listing. Repeat for up to 4 pictures of your item.
  9. Save and Continue to get to the "Preview Item" page. This will show you how your listing will look on Dawanda. You can view your listing in all three languages using the text links of "de", "en", and "fr" at the top of the screen.
  10. If everything is ok click the huge "List this item" if not click "Edit Item details" and follow the previous steps to return to this spot!

I hope this guide helps all of you new and old Dawandians? Dawandites? or perhaps new just Dawanda sellers!

Written by Andreanna of Glamasaurus

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