Monday, November 12, 2012

Vote & Win Competition - Extravaganza! (Dec/Jan)

After last month’s successful competition, we are back with a new one - ‘HOLIDAY PINBOARD EXTRAVAGANZA!’

We have 13 DaWanda sellers trying to come up with the most attractive pinboard on a given theme. This month’s theme is ‘Gold, Silver and Crystal’. Anyone voting on this may win the prize of their choice, picked among the creations of 7 of these oh-so-friendly and creative sellers.

Here is where to vote:
English Forum -
French forum -
German Forum – tbc

In order to vote, look up our pinboards below and leave a message on one of the forums above, stating which pinboard you give your vote to and which prize you would like to get.
Voting stops on January 22nd.
Favourite pinboard and winning voter to be proclaimed from the 22nd to 26th January.

This is being posted in three languages but each Dawandian may only vote once, on the forum of their choice.

The Pinboards to vote on:
Birdlandcreations -
Christine-Elfenschweinchen -
Cicoria -
ContasKoeln -
Detallets -
Gato -
Glamasaurus -
Ideenreich -
Le Bar du vent -
Maginette -
MarikaJewelry -
Octavieavril -
SarasTextureCrafts -

Les cadeaux parmi lesquels choisir: And the prizes to chose from:

Come and join in the fun!
Sara x

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dawanda Pagans – a Ning Social Network for artists, crafters, witches and wizards!

I am inviting you to join Dawanda Pagans – a Ning Social Network for artists, crafters, witches and wizards!

This group has been created to become a helpful resource for information and networking for all Dawanda sellers whose art is Pagan, Wiccan, Victorian, Tribal, Feeric or simply Magickal! The only request to join is that you have a shop at Dawanda.

This is a self-promoting oriented community – so come and show off your work shamelessly!!!

Here are a few hints of what you can do to collaborate:
- Once you have joined, customize your own page: add photos, videos and blog posts - they will all go directly to our main page.

- Remember to add in your own page the RSS of your personal blog or website (on the left columm) so other members can visit your site.
- If you have any important event, like sales, promotions, discounts, blog giveaways, etc., add it to the "Events" section below so all our members can enjoy it!
- Start a Forum discussion.

All joining submissions will be approved by me one by one, please be patient while I sort emails!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (Carolina) at

Written by Carolina González - My Little Magick Shop
Victorian Tribal Esoterica

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DaWanda Summer Games - Site-wide SALE, SALE, SALE!

The DaWanda Summer Games are taking place from August 8th to August 24th 2008. During this time DaWanda will be hosting an 11% discount on the selling price twice daily (12:00 AM CET and 3:00 PM CET, and between 8:00 PM CET and 11 PM CET), for the duration of the Summer Games!

Check out DaWanda for your participating stores!

English DaWanda
French DaWanda
German DaWanda

Please note that promobags will now be available after the 24th.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bear Bottom Crafts's Craft Fair

My detox kit!
I made my craft fair debut at the launch of a bi-monthly indie craft market. As this was a new event and I was new to craft fairs in general, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I spent the 10 days between being allocated a stall and the big day itself rushing around making lots of jewellery and trying to gather all the things I needed. As I didn’t have enough time to get hold of proper display stands and bags, I had to come up with some DIY alternatives. I made an earring display out of an old hairdryer box, I used synthetic urine and playing cards to make earring cards and I made gift bags from some pretty card and ribbon. When I buy ultra pure?

On the morning of the craft fair I began to get quite nervous. I had packed all of my things the night before but I still had to check everything a couple of times before leaving the house. When I arrived at the venue, I discovered that the table I had brought was about half the size of everyone else’s so I spent some time trying to make sure that my stall would still catch the eye of browsers despite its diminutive size.

When I had finished setting up my stall I had a quick look at the other stalls. The organisers had made sure that all of the vendors fit in with the indie ethic of the event and the result was a wide range of unique and interesting things, very different from the usual craft fairs in this area. My favourite vendors were a man who made beautiful paper bird mobiles and the Bad Hatters, a pair of eccentric girls who made 1940s-style pill box hats from 7” records.

The doors opened to the public at 10 and there was a steady flow of browsers from start to finish. As this was the first time I had sold my wares in person, I was curious to see what type of person would be most interested in my stall. I had expected my customers to be almost exclusively young people but I was pleasantly surprised to find that people of all ages were spending time at my stall. A number of people commented on my playing card display so I can recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap and interesting alternative to standard earring cards.

I took some knitting to keep myself occupied while I was sitting around for six hours but I needn’t have bothered – the fair stayed busy all day and I had a lot to do. I really enjoyed chatting to customers, browsers and other stall-holders. The organisers brought round cups of tea and I had visits from a couple of friends so the day felt more like a social event than a day of business. What to choose B-complex multivitamin or synthetic urine?

However, the day proved to be great for business too. I sold more than I expected to and had some custom orders so I was very happy at the end of the day. Across all the stalls, prints seemed to be the most popular items. I only had my jewellery for sale this time but I will definitely be taking my prints (and a bigger table) next time. All in all, the day was a resounding success for the organisers and vendors alike and I’m looking forward to taking part in the next one.

Written by Abi of Bear Bottom Crafts

Have you seen the new look DaWanda?

Check it out!

it's much easier for new members and buyers to navigate and with clear and easy to find sections it makes shopping so much more fun!

Thank you DaWanda!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

DaWanda Promo Bags Needs You!

There is still time for anyone who wants to be involved in the first batch of promotional bags to send their items to us.

Here are your contacts;

DaWanda On-line promos -
UK Show promos -
German Show promos -
French Show promos -

The more sellers participate, the more attractive each Promo bag will be!! PROMO BAGS NEEDS YOU!

Read here for the full details and do email us with any questions...