Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blogging while you are away!

I often get asked how I manage to keep all of my blogs going, even if I am really busy with other things... what's my trick? Well, it's not so much a trick as forward planning... and maybe a bit of workaholism! I usually carry a note pad everywhere I go, I got used to it when I was working full time as a fashion designer... you never know where inspiration will hit! The truth is I've never got out of the habit of carrying this thing around with me... I often think it has a life of it's own, as I'm sure I never pack it in my bags to go on holiday, but sure enough it's the first thing I find when I'm looking for the sun cream!

This little note pad comes in handy when it comes to blogging though... often notes and jottings can quickly be turned into ideas for blog posts - great if you are in a rush! If I get the time I will write up a few of these ideas into my blog and 'schedule' them to publish on separate days... this means I don't have to think daily about something to post! So how do you schedule a post on Blogger? It's simple...

Firstly write your post and add the labels, as you would usually. Then press 'Post Options' on the right hand side of the labels panel. A menu will appear, asking for a date and time. Once you have selected your day for posting, all you need then do is to press 'Publish Post'. Google's blogger then stores the article until the date and time you have selected and publishes it for you.

Thank you blogger!

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