Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have a Winner! - Vote and Win Seller Competition.

The results of the Vote and Win Seller Competition is in.

MAGINETTE hosted the winning pinboard and the voting winner was a DaWanda Shopper called MIMYMEUH.

Well Done!

DaWanda Shop Directory Links: Want to add your shop to the directory?

Here is how:

* Go to this site - http://dawandashopdirectorylinks.blogspot.com/
* Decide which category of product you want your shop to appear in. These are listed for you at the top of the screen.
* Press 'Email the Editor'. This will give you the email address to write to me.
* Send me the following by email; your Shop Name, shop URL (web address), your shop's banner .jpeg (small please) and a brief description of what you sell in no more than 100 words.
* Your shop's URL (web address) will look something like this
http://en.dawanda.com/shop/sarastexturecrafts (english),
http://de.dawanda.com/shop/SarasTextureCrafts (german),
or http://fr.dawanda.com/shop/SarasTextureCrafts (french)

I will then process your details as soon as I can... please bare in mind that this is extra to my 'day job' so the process may take 10-14 days. I will let you know when you have been added.

Sara x

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to List Your Item.

I know listing an item for sale can be a daunting process so I have made this little guide to help you out!

  1. Log in to Dawanda
  2. In the upper right hand corner click "Sell my products". This will take you to the "List a new product page".
  3. Choose your item category, sub category, and whatever category you would like it to be in your shop. If you are listing an item that is similar to another item in your shop you can click on the link "Click here, to use one of your items as template"
  4. Fill in titles and item descriptions in one or even all three of Dawanda's languages. Don't forget your keywords!
  5. Add your prices for the item and shipping both domestic and international. If you don't want to ship internationally don't check the check box.
  6. Write how many you are selling in the quantity field.
  7. Click "Save and Continue" and be magically transported to the "Upload Product Images" page.
  8. Now for the fun of uploading your item pictures! You can have up to four images. I suggest using your most straightforward and eye catching picture as your default. People are more likely to look at something with a clear nicely lit photo. Click on Browse and it will open a menu for you to search through your computer to find your item photos. Once you have found it click on it and hit ok. Then click on Upload Image and Tada! your picture is now on the listing. Repeat for up to 4 pictures of your item.
  9. Save and Continue to get to the "Preview Item" page. This will show you how your listing will look on Dawanda. You can view your listing in all three languages using the text links of "de", "en", and "fr" at the top of the screen.
  10. If everything is ok click the huge "List this item" if not click "Edit Item details" and follow the previous steps to return to this spot!

I hope this guide helps all of you new and old Dawandians? Dawandites? or perhaps new just Dawanda sellers!

Written by Andreanna of Glamasaurus

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Networking? Try Indiepublic!

This is a great new site where crafters can meet, chat, show off their work or items for sale and also enter brilliant competitions. I've been a member for a few months now and love the way the site works and also the people I have met, so I thought it was about time I told you a little bit more about Indiepublic.

Here is my interview with Indiepublic's founder Sion, from mid October 2007...

1. What is http://www.indiepublic.com/?

Indiepublic is a social network for independent artists, designers, retailers and those that blog about them, as well as a site for their supporters.

2. When and why did you decide to set up a social network for Independent Artists?

The "when" is fairly simple; Indiepublic was launched in July of 2007. The "why" is slightly more involved. Here's the story: I also have been running another blog called Cuteable (http://www.cuteable.com)/ since October of 2006, with an emphasis on cute things for you and your home. As Cuteable grew, I found myself continually inspired by the creativity, hard work and friendliness of independent artists and designers, and wondered if there was another way to give these wonderful folks a "home" on the web.

After several months of thinking I hit upon the idea of creating a social network, whereby these artists and designers could not only further promote their businesses, but also make friends and be inspired by one another. Indiepublic is the result of these efforts, and has exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams.

3. What can I see and do there?

There are quite a few things you can do on Indiepublic! Members of course can create their own personal profiles and share their photos, videos and start their own blogs. They can also make friends with other Indiepublic members as well as join groups and participate in the forums. In addition, we have a Learning Library where you can read tips and tutorials from our members, as well as an ongoing Member of the Day which features one randomly selected member to be featured on the homepage.

All of this can be quite overwhelming for newcomers, which is why I've put together a FAQ (link: Indiepublic - FAQs) to help folks get started.

4. How many members are there?

At present, we have approximately 2950 members. We should pass the 3000 member mark before the end of this month, which is very exciting considering that Indiepublic started with a single invitation to 10 of my closest blogging and Etsy friends!

5. I noticed a new site Indie Contests…What is Indiecontests?

Indiecontests (http://www.indiecontests.com)/ is a brand new site I launched with deals and contests from independent artists, designers and retailers (as well as bloggers). As both an artist and a shopper, I thought it'd be great to have a single place where people could not only find great deals but also further promote their indie goods and services. Like Indiepublic, Indiecontests is of course completely free and has been very popular, with over 300 submissions in less than a month.

Thank you Sion for talking to us about Indiepublic!

Also for anyone interested there is a group of us already on their, so come over and check us out at http://indiepublic.ning.com/group/dawanda

Written by Sara of Sara's Texture Crafts

Introducing... Estherly!

1. DaWanda Shop Name: Estherly, handmade jewellery with identity.
2. DaWanda Shop URL: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/estherly
3. When did you open your shop? Registered on 15 Oct 07, but officially started on 15 Nov. 4. Are you in the DaWanda Shop Directory here? Yes I am.
5. What Category are you under? Jewellery
6. What do you sell? I sell unique and limited editions handmade jewellery with the focus of creating pieces that allow buyers to have the flexibility to choose how they want to wear it.
7. Describe 2 of your current products.

a) My new limited edition range, Triplicity. These are a collection of necklaces that can be worn in three different ways. So ladies can just pick and choose the style according to the events that they are attending. It is dynamic, modern and stylish. The look is accomplished by using special beads and charms all connected to a handmade chain. It’s simple looking and yet it is special.

Blue fish necklace

b) An Estherly piece that was made out of an old beaded necklaces which I have destructed, and mixed the beads together with some beautiful tear-drop turquoises and Czech fire polished beads to become a piece that can be worn as a multi-strand bracelet or a multi-strand or a single strand necklace.

I am Bluei

8) Tell me a bit about you...

I am currently residing in the Netherlands with my husband whom I have married to for 7 years now. Since young I have been active with music, crocheting and knitting but it was only 3 years ago that I learned about jewelry-making and started beading. Even though I hold a degree in computing, I always enjoy the "softer" part of the industry like multimedia and web design more than the nerdy stuffs, and later I started my own business and was heavily involved in sales and marketing. When I decided to come up with my own handmade jewelry label, it was a turning point in my life when I truly recognized my own talents, my strengths and my identity. Estherly is my platform to combine the things that I have learned all these years into one place. I enjoy the whole creative process and I absolutely love ideas! The whole process of starting and building up my own business is exciting and fun. My greatest satisfaction comes when I receive a thank you from people who have bought my jewelry and enjoy wearing them.

9. Do you have a website, or blog? Yes it is at http://estherly.com/

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to enable Paypal as an accepted method of payment.

Log in to your DaWanda Seller Account and;
  • Press the tab that says 'My Shop'.
  • Press 'Edit my Shop'.
  • Scroll down to view payment methods.
  • Press the little box by 'Paypal', this will show up as a tick once selected.
  • Enter your email address which is related to your Paypal account (the one you sign in with) in the box that appears under 'Paypal'.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press save.

Your selling account should then automatically provide a Paypal payment option to your buyers when they are making their payments.

Written by Sara of Sara's Texture Crafts.

Blogging while you are away!

I often get asked how I manage to keep all of my blogs going, even if I am really busy with other things... what's my trick? Well, it's not so much a trick as forward planning... and maybe a bit of workaholism! I usually carry a note pad everywhere I go, I got used to it when I was working full time as a fashion designer... you never know where inspiration will hit! The truth is I've never got out of the habit of carrying this thing around with me... I often think it has a life of it's own, as I'm sure I never pack it in my bags to go on holiday, but sure enough it's the first thing I find when I'm looking for the sun cream!

This little note pad comes in handy when it comes to blogging though... often notes and jottings can quickly be turned into ideas for blog posts - great if you are in a rush! If I get the time I will write up a few of these ideas into my blog and 'schedule' them to publish on separate days... this means I don't have to think daily about something to post! So how do you schedule a post on Blogger? It's simple...

Firstly write your post and add the labels, as you would usually. Then press 'Post Options' on the right hand side of the labels panel. A menu will appear, asking for a date and time. Once you have selected your day for posting, all you need then do is to press 'Publish Post'. Google's blogger then stores the article until the date and time you have selected and publishes it for you.

Thank you blogger!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Do You Squidoo?

For those of you who Squidoo there is no need for an introduction but I’m sure that there are plenty who probably have never heard of Squidoo. In this post I will try and explain what Squidoo is and how you can use it as a useful tool in promoting your craft business.

So what is Squidoo? Squidoo is basically an information website. It is a collection of lenses on a myriad of topics. A lens is an informational website offering expert knowledge on just about anything. Lensmasters are the people who create lenses and are viewed by others as credible sources of information.

Squidoo offers some very useful advantages to a lensmaster.

Fast Google Indexing – Your lens with good target keywords can be indexed in 2-3 days. That’s fast!

High Google Rankings – When you target your lens to a specific keyword it is often picked up within the first 3 or 4 pages of Google. Google loves Squidoo so it makes sense to take advantage of this.

Simplicity – This is what I love about Squidoo it is so quick and easy to use. You can have a lens up and running in about 5 minutes.

Free – I like free and Squidoo is free so you can have an unlimited number of lenses.

Getting Started

The first thing you have to do is to sign up. Remember, it’s FREE. Visit www.squidoo.com where you will find a link to sign up. You will be asked for your name and e-mail address, now you’re ready to start. Click on the Create A Lens button. You will be asked what your lens is about.

Next, you will be asked what you want to do with your lens. I tend to choose the option I want to do my own thing. This will pre configure your lens for you. You can always adjust the lens layout very easily if you don’t like the settings.

You will now be asked to give your lens a title. This should be your main keyword phrase, e.g. your business name or specialised subject matter.

Now you have to pick your URL. This cannot be changed so choose wisely. Ideally it should match your keyword. You could use your DaWanda shop name here.

You will have to choose a topic category. Just ensure your category matches your lens content. If your lens is safe for all ages then click on the option.

Step 4 will give you the option to add more keyword tags to your lens. The tags are mainly for other Squidoo users. You can always add more later on.

Step 5 will ask you how you want to get paid. Yes, that’s right; you can earn money from Adsense clicks as well as eBay, Amazon, Cafepress, etc. This is optional as you don’t have to use any of these modules. You have the option of donating any payments to Squidoo, your choice of charity or you can keep the money for yourself, or a combination of both.

Step 6 will now ask you to reconfirm your e-mail and to choose a screen name. Your screen name will show up above your Bio. You can choose your real name or use a pseudonym. Fill out your real name and enter a password. Finish the registration and then you’ll be ready to designing your lens.

In my next post I will explain more about designing your lens and which modules to use. If you can’t wait then try having a go yourself. The best thing about Squidoo is that it is very easy to follow and much of it is just common sense.

So get yourself over to Squidoo and have a good poke about. Make sure you check out Sara’s Squidoo lens on DaWanda. It can be found at www.squidoo.com/DaWanda_store_crafts. If we can all promote our DaWanda stores then maybe Squidoo will make up a module for use like they have just done for Etsy sellers.

Written by Ruby of http://en.dawanda.com/shop/cosycandles

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Add your DaWanda favourites to Stylehive and show them off!

What is Stylehive? Stylehive is a networking community where you can show off your favourite shopping finds on the web and meet lots of new people. It is also a great place to go shopping and you can buy items, by using the clever integrated link system.

Here is the link to the directory on Stylehive The DaWanda Shop Directory Editor For lots of great DaWanda buys. You can also preview items by watching the right hand panel of this blog where the Stylhive link appears in red.

For those of you who are new to Stylehive, here are some how to's;

How to buy from an item on the hive
  • Login
  • Find the item you like
  • Press the picture of the item and you will be taken to the item's Stylehive page
  • Press the link by 'Shop for it at...' and a new page will pop up, taking you to the DaWanda listing.
  • Press 'add to cart'
  • Press 'buy now'
  • Sign into DaWanda and make you sale as usual.
If you are a seller there are ways of showing off your items too;

Adding items to Stylehive

  • Find an item on DaWanda
  • Scroll to the bottom of the item's page and press on the 'ST' button for Stylehive
  • A new page will pop up and open a link to Stylehive
  • Login
  • You will then be taken to a page on which Stylehive has found the item you have picked from DaWanda
  • Scroll down the page and press the header 'Images' (under 'tag suggestions') and pick the picture you wish to use for this item, by clicking on the picture
  • Press 'Tags' and select the tags you wish to use and do the same under 'My Tags'.
  • If tags or price details are missing you can add these by typing (one at a time) into the green highlighted boxes and pressing the orange plus sign. Always remember to add DaWanda as a tag too!
  • When you have finished press 'save' on the top right of the page.

If you add your DaWanda items to Stylehive I will occassionally add them to my lists at The DaWanda Shop Directory Editor's Picks by selecting them from the DaWanda communities at DaWanda Communities. Don't worry your items will automatically be filtered into the communities when you add them to Stylehive.

How to join a DaWanda 'Community' on Stylehive

  • Login
  • visit DaWanda Communities
  • press 'join community' by the side of the relevant language site.

How to Follow someone else who has a great Stylehive site

  • Login
  • Find the person you like
  • Press the red 'Follow this person' button my the top of their page.

How to save someone else's favourite onto your page

  • Login
  • Find the person and the item you like
  • Press 'Hive it', once added to your page it will show as 'Hived it!'

A Christmassy Day Out in London!

Oh I adore Christmas, so what better way to spend a rainy November Sunday... than to go shopping at a Christmas Fair!

The lovely Stephanie of http://en.dawanda.com/shop/coccinelfe

sent me a ticket to go to the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington (London).

That's me in the purple top and jeans... and yes that is a shopping bag you see... I told you I adore Christmas! There was no way a cold and rainy day was going to put me off either!!

The show was a fantastic mix of larger a smaller companies, both new and those more established. So it was great to see the rise of a few more handmade companies and especially to meet Stephanie and see her wonderful sugary, fairies up close.

This is the best shot I could get of Stephanie's stand... she was just too busy to get that perfect magazine spread photo, but as you can see it was very well laid out and had everyone going mad for her work. It was like a little cake store of fairies! Needless to say I came home with one, I found a cute little fairy flying around Stephanie's stand and with some help we caught it in a jar. She's a cheeky little fairy though... always poking her tongue out at me!

Want a fairy of your own? Why not catch one of Stephanie's new creations...

at http://en.dawanda.com/product/668242-Fee-petit-four