Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DaWanda finds on Stylehive!

This is a new feature, here on the directory blog... I set up on Sylehive a while ago and often save favourite finds from DaWanda, with the help of many other sellers and buyers who are already over there. I though it was about time that we shared them here on the blog!

Here's the first...

Monday, October 8, 2012

A great way to find Christmas Gifts on DaWanda!

Christmas on DaWanda is a great way to find everything you need for this special time of year. Check out the link

There are gifts for her, or him, the little one, the awkward one (!) and even for fanatics! There are also lots of really cool Christmas cards and decorations too!

Have you checked out the DaWanda Christmas Advent Calender?

This is a really fun way to shop on DaWanda, as each day offers ideas based on a theme and with free shipping for that day only on selected items, you can't afford to miss your daily dose of DaWanda!

There is still time time to sign up for daily advent calender finds at, but remember the offer ends 20th December!

Introducing... The Wren!

1. DaWanda Shop Name: The Wren
2. DaWanda Shop URL:
3. When did you open your shop? 21 March 2008
4. Are you in the DaWanda Shop Directory here? Yes.
5. What Category are you under? Accessories: Bag and purses

6. What do you sell? Bags, totes, bird pouches and soon I hope to extend my range to include more bags and other fabric products.
7. Describe 2 of your current products.

Bird Pouches: Wren says: A bird in the hand is better than mess in the bag ...and a the wren bird pouch is just that. Instead of throwing away all the off-cuts from Wren bags I have used them to make these lovely little bird pouches. They are just the right size to hold all your bare essentials at 5.5″ x 3.5″ (excluding tail height). Your cellphone, bank cards, money or cosmetics can fit in. What more do you want when you are going out and do not want to tote around a giant purse. If you have small enough hands you can slip it on your wrist and not have to worry about forgetting it behind. OR you can clip the tail onto or into your bag (Wren bags come with a perfect clip inside them) making it easy to find. Each bird is made with great care to detail. Each bird pouch is lined, has a wing and even has an embroidered eye. They are adorable.

Big Town Bag: These bags are the perfect size for everything you need in a day (including your laptop). Every Wren bag is unique. Wren understands that a bag is part of who you are and because there are no two people the same in the world – each Wren bag, by the combination of colour and print, is exclusive. There is also a hidden and lined exterior pocket perfect for your ipod, cellphone, keys or coins. Inside, there are 4 pockets: On one side there is a cellphone, wallet/notebook and pen pocket and on the other side is there is a 20cm zip pocket. As a special surprise – each bag comes with a pouch filled with hand-picked and dried French perfumed lavender from Franschoek in South Africa – perfect for keeping your bag or draws smelling great. The bags are closed by two hidden magnets. These magnets are very strong but are not placed close enough to cause your cellphone or other electrical objects any damage. Approx. Dimensions: 16"x4" at the bottom and 13" high. The shoulder straps are 29".

8. Tell me a bit about you... I am a surface designer by paper (aka textile designer or graphic artist) from Cape Town, South Africa. I live right by the beach on the mountainside, so inspiration is literally right outside my front door. It is quite wonderful!
I started designing bags when I made one for myself in December 2007. I got a great response from this bag (which is now called the Small Town Bag) and began making more on request. From here the label has flown and I am excited to say, I now have a wonderful hand-made label called Wren. In truth, it's my excuse to play with beautiful fabrics all day long.
9. Do you have a website, or blog? My blog is: In here I write about all the new and exciting things happening with Wren (in a way the blog is like a journal). I also write about all the things that I find inspirational or interesting. I adore all kinds of design and enjoy sharing found inspirations. I also write a little bit about myself from time to time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Subject of Pricing: She Works Hard for the Money…

I was talking through IM yesterday with a friend from the US. She has just finished a two-day craft fair and I’m getting ready for an Open House on December 8th -as you can imagine we have a lot to talk about! One of the topics that was raised, of course, was pricing. Since we’re online, we’ve seen quite a few talented crafters be won by insecurities and self-loathing and it’s so sad.

I’ve read many blog posts, forum posts and emails talking about how crafters almost feel guilty for feeling paid, are always afraid of asking too much or do not like to work “for the money”. I’ve also seen many crafters at fairs who are almost apologizing for the cost of the item you’re asking for. This problem looked so familiar to me! For years I was like that. I under priced my work and felt horribly when I had to add the price tag to a piece I had been crafting with love for hours. In fact I was asking myself why people would want to buy my creations! My self-destructive habit even made me forget completely about crafts for long hiatuses. I couldn’t see I was putting away from me the thing I loved most: creating.

One of the hardest prejudices I had to overcome when I started working full- time as a crafter was the subject of this chapter: pricing. So, here are some points to consider if you’re about to throw the glue gun through the window! Don’t feel ashamed to meet many of the points – just think at one time I met them all.

1: Always first, be objective with the quality of your work.
While it is completely unfair to sell under priced, it is just as unfair to overprice. This essay is not for people who jump on trends or who want to take advantage of the customer, it is for the hard-working crafters who want to make a full-time job of their art. Making a living out takes time, humility and total commitment. I know I state this almost on every article, but this point is the axis of it all. If you feel you need to be a better crafter, give time to yourself to learn. Learn all you can about anything that inspires you, and try everything.

2.Being an artist is a gift for yourself, but selling your art is a gift for the world. People are lucky that there is art in this world, and customers are lucky there are crafters who make great quality items, have great customer service and offer amazingly beautiful and unique object to a mass-produced world. If you meet those three points, then they’re lucky to have you.

3.There’s nothing that can pay for art. When you work from the deep of your soul, letting all your creativity arise, and do that consistently for a long time, you become a master. Then the piece you are working on is imprinted with magic and becomes art. That is so sacred that money is something that cannot pay, no matter how high the amount, the real value of art.

My point is: do not make earning money more important than making art, and then money will come to you- as you stop worrying about it, you allow it to flow right to you. Any amount of money you get paid for your piece is less that its worth, so it’s you who is making a favour, because you have been given a gift and are generous enough to share it.

4.Sad but true: you have a privilege. The First World is a small place compared to the millions of people that suffer hunger, poverty and wars. You are doing something you like while others have to pick up food from rubbish dumps to eat. Work hard to be worthy of the privilege you have.

5.Business does not mean boring, squared or uncreative. I’m happy when my tags look wonderful on the items. I love it when I exchange experiences with other crafters in forums, blogs or writing articles. I love to find new artists that inspire me, amaze me and make me want to learn new crafts. I love to share my love for art with my customers. I love designing new business cards. I live, breath, sleep, eat and drink my business. I LOVE my business.

All this is marketing and business. All this is creating too. I try to make as little difference as possible.

6.The more you give away the more you will receive. If you want changes and opportunities coming, then stop thinking about yourself. When you see that you sell less, block your frustration immediately and give away a new batch of earrings to your best ten customers, or send samples to ten online customers. It is a Karmic law that everything you give will come back to you three times, so stop sending frustration all around and start spreading generosity and love… and wait happily for its return.

In the end, finding opportunities to sell and improving as a crafter is a habit, not a goal. Making a goal of money is a completely wrong idea! Your goals should be around having a better life, and money is only one of the ways of getting a better life, but not the only way! To be satisfied, your mind must be on your art, on the ones you love, on your dreams for the future… but certainly not on money.

Written by Carolina of Supra Monster

Saturday, October 6, 2012

DaWanda's Photo Competition!

DaWanda have a great competition for us... DaWanda's Photo Competition! I think this is a really nice way to meet (although virtually!) other members of the community.

So what do you need to do? Simply take a photo of yourself with your favourite DaWanda purchase and send it in to

What's up for grabs? 'Each month the top 3 pictures will each win a prize of your choice from DaWanda worth €100. PLUS there’ll be 20 surprise goodie bags of unique goodies from the DaWanda catalogue to give away to the runners up as well.'

Thinking caps on my friends!!

Sara x

DaWanda's blog link:

Friday, October 5, 2012

How to add a DaWanda Banner to your blog or website.

Adding a DaWanda Banner to your blog, website or social network page isn't that hard... Here is an example of one of the banners DaWanda offer us.

and here's another...

All you need to do is copy and paste the code Dawanda gives you into your website, blog module and once saved it should show up automatically. Then you will have a permanent link to your favourite shopping site.

Here is a link to DaWanda's page where you can find lots more banners to choose from

Written by Sara of

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DaWanda Shop Directory Blog to Close.

This blog will close next week... but don't worry you can still find all of your favourite stores at

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visit the DaWanda Christmas Market!

Have you checked out the new Christmas Market on DaWanda? No??? Get over there quick... so many lovely things for you to get your hands on! There is also a Christmas wish list competition too!

... I'm off to dream up my wish list while I shop, see ya!

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