Friday, June 8, 2012

March Blog Carnival - Vintage Crafts

This month’s carnival is entitled ‘Vintage Crafts', so I am looking for entries inspired by this theme. Entries could include;

  • mother's crafts that have inspired you
  • crafting through the generations
  • how 'old' style crafts have inspired you
  • techniques you learned from your grandmother
  • historical influences
  • where did your craft come from (history)
  • crafts you hope to pass down to your children
Of course there are many more possibilities… so I will leave it up to your imagination! So how do you enter your article? Well it’s simple… post your article on your blog and follow the instructions here

Remember your entry doesn’t have to be the longest article and photos always help!

The deadline for your entry is 15th March 2008. All accepted entries will be published on or around the 17th of March 2008.


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