Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glass Anarchy Group Hits DaWanda!

Glass Anarchy is a rockin’ glass team whose origins started on a large selling forum and now promote glass world wide. We began as glass artists but are now firm friends and, although we are a small team, we have big ideas!

We are anarchists in the true sense of the word – individual, self governing and independent. We don’t throw bombs, we make glass instead and each one of us has a distinct style.

Why join a team? Being a member of such a dynamic and friendly team means that we genuinely support one another, promote each other and share ideas. We are all the things that being part of a team should be about. Meet the team:

BigRedWagon. Funny, quirky, but most of all, quality glass fro Su and Tamara. There must be a picture pendant in their collection to suit everyone.

Ccvalenzo just has to be the queen of dichroic glass. Each piece of Cindy’s glass is unique and can never be repeated.

Getglassy. One of New York's finest - fused glass artists that is! Patti uses fresh colors in her glass and her tack fused glass is wonderful too.

Glassprimitif. The only glass artist in the team from the UK, but don’t feel sorry for me – I love it.

Lawatha. A combination of quality glass and great photography has taken over Lawatha’s life – who needs anything else?

Papernclaynglass2 is both a glass and polymer clay artist. Linda brings originality to her glass with her wire wrapped jewellery.

Smokeylady54. Nancy is our official bead maker and uses her lampwork beads to make wonderful necklaces too.

Shasglasscrafts. The best stained glass artist on Dawanda, Sharon is an expert at this beautiful craft.

Where to find us:
Dawanda Shopping Community

Glass Anarchy - there's an anarchist in every one of us. Nobody's going to tell us what to do! I hope you enjoy our work.

Written by Glassprimitif

Sara says, 'If you are thinking about or have already formed a DaWanda Team then drop me a line, so we can tell people where to find you.'

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