Sunday, June 10, 2012

Advertising Spots are now open!

The DaWanda Shop Directory 'Advert Spots' are run in conjunction with a company called Project Wonderful who offer a auction style advertising system. This is a new opportunity for DaWanda Shops to show themselves off and help to build traffic to their stores.

Would you like to take part? Here are some more details take directly from the Project Wonderful site...

Advertising on DaWanda Shop Directory is offered through Project Wonderful. We bring a model of transparency and fairness to online advertising. Ads are sold through our innovative infinite auction model: you bid on an advertising slot, and for as long as you are the high bidder, your ad is displayed. You can bid whatever price you'd like for as long as you'd like: two days, a week, a year - it's your choice.

All bids are in "CPD", or "cost per day" - you simply tell us how much you're willing to pay for a day's worth of advertising, and whenever you are the high bidder, your ad will be displayed! You're only charged for the time periods when your ad is shown. You can also set hard expense limits on your bids, so you'll never get charged more than you expect. You can find out more about the auction process here.

The DaWanda Shop Directory has placed no minimum bid cost per day, so for as long as we can we will offer advertising slots for free... so grab your slot while you can!

How do I place my advert?
  • Follow this link for the side panel slots
  • Or this link for the bottom panel slots
  • Select the box you wish to display your advert in and press 'place bid'
  • (If you do not have an advert already listed on Project Wonderful, then you need to see the information below)
  • Make sure you select your 125x125 square advert
  • Type your maximum bid (you will only pay this if the auction reaches this price, not before).
  • Select your dates (if you have chosen to spend $0.00 then you can only display your ad for 1 day - project wonderful rule)
  • If you wish to add a capped expense type this in the next box.
  • Press place bid.
  • You will then be asked to either bid again, or confirm your bid.
  • You should then receive confirmation of your bid.

I will manually check each advert, unless you have been approved before so bear this in mind when you have placed your bid... it may not show straight away. I hope to take no more than 2 weeks to process your application, as the directory is something I run in my spare time.

You can follow your adverts at all times, through your control panel under 'My Ads'. You can even use the same advert on other people's sites too, which is a great way to give you even more traffic!

I don't have an advert yet - how do I create one?

  • Open a project wonderful account at
  • Press 'My Ads'
  • Press 'Create a new ad' at the bottom of the page
  • Select the type of add... you will probably want to choose graphic
  • press 125 x 125 button
  • Press 'next'
  • add your DaWanda Shop URL
  • Give the link your shop name
  • press next
  • add your .jpeg image which should be 125 pixels square
  • and follow the directions until your ad is saved.


Remember your advert will only be accepted if it is linked to your Dawanda shop!

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