Friday, December 2, 2011

DaWanda Shopping Community - New Rules

Recently we have had a run of negative things happening on the Shopping Community and so to avoid further disruption and emails from upset members I would like to set some ground rules.

So here are my rules for site interaction and SPAM...
  1. MEMBER PAGES - Please feel free to list where you sell and your on-line networks within your own members page only. Please also tell us about you and your work... you can also add an RSS feed from your personal blog here too.
  2. MEMBER PAGES COMMENTS - Please leave a comment for other members and help to grow your own network of on-line friends. Remember to keep those comments friendly!
  3. MEMBER PAGES BLOGS - Please only relate your entries to your DaWanda shop, your personal work, tutorials or related blog. This is not a space for you to mention other shopping sites, or networks and these entries will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from the network.
  4. COMMENTING ON MEMBER BLOGS - Leave a comment related to the post in question, or a general 'this is a great place, thanks for sharing' comment... we all like to hear that! Do feel free to leave discussion based comments... it's always good to hear feedback or work with new ideas. Do feel free to ask a question... we are here to help. Please do not leave negative comments... it's unfair to the sellers who work hard to promote themselves and DaWanda here and also to the buyers, who wish to share their DaWanda experience.
  5. CONTACTING MEMBERS - Please do contact members if you are interested in what they do, would like to invite them to a group here on the DaWanda Shopping Community (only do it once!), or have a question about their shop, or products. Please do not SPAM other members (or all of your added friends and group members) and ask them to visit your shop, your sale, your external sites. Repeat offenders will be banned from the network, I cannot allow members to be upset within the community.
  6. EVENTS - Please add shop sales, events and competitions to the Events page... you are also welcome to add an entry for any craft fairs, markets and shows you may be selling at... who knows we may just come and visit! Please do not create events for other shopping forums, or unrelated topics. These will be removed and repeat offenders banned from the network.
  7. FORUM - Please add topics related to each category... you will note that there is a special place to promote your shops and sales here. Please feel free to join in and comment on any of the forum threads you find there. Please do keep topics and discussions friendly and positive in tone... this site is a representation of DaWanda buyers and sellers and a promotional tool for all of us, so let's keep it 'up beat'. No... naming and shaming! This site is not part of the Dawanda company and these topics should be discussed with the DaWanda company through their feedback system only. Repeat offenders will be banned from the network.
  8. GROUPS - Please do add groups related to DaWanda and keep them open to all members... this is a community and members should not feel excluded in anyway.
  9. NOTES - Please do not add notes... this is for site reference only.
  10. PHOTOS - Please add photos of your work, turtorials, events and business. Please make sure that they are safe for all viewers, including children.
  11. VIDEOS - Please add videos of your work, turtorials, events and business. Please make sure that they are safe for all viewers, including children.

If you have any concerns, queries or things to report please contact me via the 'Report an Issue' tab at the bottom of the page.

Thank you,

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