Saturday, March 3, 2012

DaWanda Promo Bags – Your slice of DaWanda!

I wanted to introduce to you ‘DaWanda Promo’ bags, another fun way to find stores on DaWanda. Each bag will hold approximately 10-15 selected artists from the DaWanda shopping site (English, German, or French) and will contain a mix of business cards and free samples, which may include soap testers, earrings, keyrings and much more.

I have created a pinboard of participants at DaWanda-Promo-Bags-here-are-the-sellers, so you can take a look at who you might get in your bag.

How can you get yours?

Final release dates will be posted here soon, so do keep an eye out, but there will be 2 ways to get your bag. Firstly through SarasTextureCrafts – These will be sold through my shop for the cost of the postage and packaging only (this is a purely non-profit product) and secondly at craft fairs - where ever the DaWanda bug has reached!

Are you a Seller and want to participate?

Your promos/business cards will have to be split into 2/3 packages; 1-2 for shows and 1 for on-line. Please contact the relevant person for shipping details through their DaWanda shop below.

Here are your contacts:
  • On-line - Promos will be handled by me (Sara) at SarasTextureCrafts
  • UK Shows and Fairs - Promos will be handled by MagicPumpkinsandFaeryDust - dates and fair locations will available from Nina.
  • GERMAN Shows and Fars - Promos will be handled by Contas Koeln ContasKoeln - dates and fair locations will be available from Bebe.
So this is our call for promotional material! All participants from all countries are welcome.

What we need are your:
  • Business cards
  • Small promotional samples – no breakables
  • Give aways – no breakables

Each item you send should be clearly labelled with your DaWanda shop and all items should fit into a small bag approximately 15cm deep and 10cm wide. Please make enough for 15/20 bags in each package.

Here is an idea of a small bag I got from Etsy, just in case you are thinking about making promotional samples - A promotional bag I recently bought


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