Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Carnivals!

The DaWanda Shop Directory will now be hosting monthly blog carnivals about differing topics that matter to DaWanda Buyers and Sellers. Each issue will be release on or around the 17th of each month, so keep your eyes out for more news on the first issue - December the 17th!

What is a Blog Carnival?

A blog carnival is a way of showing a group of bloggers’ articles that were written on a given theme.

How to submit an article;

To fill in the form;

  • Copy and paste your article’s URL (not the address of your whole blog) into the permalink section.
  • Wait for the page to refresh
  • It should now show the article’s title
  • Add your name and your email address and if required your blog home page url.
  • Add under ‘remarks’ a brief description of your article, for example… ‘I have written about my favourite items this Christmas on DaWanda’.
  • Press submit.
  • You should get by email a receipt for your entry.

All participants are welcome and articles can have a personal or a business edge. All I ask is that somewhere on your blog there is a link to your DaWanda shop, or that your blog shows you shop on DaWanda, so that I can verify your status before accepting your article.

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