Saturday, November 12, 2011

DaWanda Sellers Blog Group – how to join and where to find members.

Where to find them…

They can be found at Select category 'shopping' and then subcategory 'crafts' - This is where we are listed.

The owner of the ring is Sara's Texture Crafts and you can find monthly updates at Crafts of Texture

How do I visit all of the blogs from other members?

On the right hand panel of this blog there is a box with I love DaWanda. Here you will see the words next, previous, random and list. By pressing any of these you will be taken directly to another members blog site.

How do I join?

Membership is free to all participants, but you must be a DaWanda Seller, whose blog links to their DaWanda shop. It would also be great if you could help to spread the word about DaWanda occasionally.

You must also display the group ring symbol on your blog before you can be accepted. The HTML code to place on your blog is on the completed application form – don’t forget to copy it and add it to your site before you exit your sent application.

Here is where to apply - Application Form

Once a member is approved, they will also have an item added from their shop to the DaWanda Sellers Blog Group pinboard at DaWanda Sellers Blog Group Pinboard

I have joined – What happens now?

Apart from enjoying a little extra blog exposure you can read updates at Group News & Updates these include features, ideas for promotion and group news.

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