Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sara's Texture Crafts at Craft Fairs.

Sara of http://en.dawanda.com/shop/SarasTextureCrafts (the editor!) presents her (my) craft fair story...

I planned to finish early the evening before and have everything packed up for Saturday morning, so myself and my boyfriend who had kindly agreed to help wouldn't have to run around, niggling at each other whilst getting ready and looking at our watches! Fortunately it worked! So Saturday morning started with frying some bacon for our bacon and avocado salad sandwiches for lunch and a spot of breakfast. The after getting ready, it was only a short journey to a local school (on the bus!) with a suitcase, box and two small (ish) rucksacks full of crafty delights!

All paid up and introduced to the hosts it was time to set up. Oh no, someone in their wisdom thought it was a good idea to put my table next to the cake and sweet stall!! Oh, dear me - could I keep myself focused, would I spoil my carefully prepared lunch? Need I answer!!

I know, I know sleeping on the job! Could she be dreaming of Chocolate?!

'Did someone mention Chocolate?'

We had a lovely day, everyone was friendly and I had lots of compliments on my work. I also made some sales too, so I was very happy - hooray!

If you have a story about selling your arts and crafts at fairs, markets and in shops, then please send me an email... I would love to share your story.

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