Friday, July 1, 2011

DaWanda Promo Bags - Sold out in 4 days!!

Wow, my friends... wow! They sold out in just 4 days!! I will be sending the last sales tomorrow morning and working on the second batch.

I do need some more entries though... Are you interested? It's a great way to promote your stores.

Here is how it works... each seller provides some or all of the following;
-Business cards
-Small promotional samples/free gifts – no breakables

Enough for 10-15 bags.

Each item you send should be clearly labelled with your DaWanda shop and all items should fit into a small bag approximately 15cm deep and 10cm wide.

I package them up into small bags and sell them for the cost of postage and packaging through my DaWanda shop

As soon as I have your items I will add you to my pinboard of participants...

I would love to have you as part of the team.
Thank you,


Original Link: DaWanda Promo Bags - find indie artists here!

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