Monday, June 6, 2011

Introducing... Nadel und Faden!

1. DaWanda Shop Name: nadelundfaden
2. DaWanda Shop URL:
3. When did you open your shop? 28.06.2007
4. Are you in the DaWanda Shop Directory here? no
5. What Category are you under? -
6. What do you sell? I sell clothes, bags, accessoires and soft toys which are made of original fabrics from the early seventies.
7. Describe 2 of your current products.
a. Elfi Elephant - it's a friendly soft toy made of original 70ies terry cloth. And it's not only for kids ;)!
b. 70ies Miniskirt - also made of original 70ies terry cloth. You can wear it seperate or even over your trousers!

8. Tell me a bit about you...

I'm from the very east of Germany and I'm studying on teaching profession. In my freetime I love to sew with fabrics I've collected with much passion over many years... i love what i do because i do what i love!
9. Do you have a website, or blog? No.

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