Thursday, June 2, 2011

Help required for the Links Directory... Free advertising!!

The DaWanda Community has really grown over the last year and with so many of us now I think it is now time to share the comunity blog and related directory with other shop owners who would like to contribute.

I want to start with the Shop Links Directory at, which is fast becoming a great way to find DaWanda Shops.

Why am I looking for help? Well, honestly for two main reasons. Firstly my own work often makes keeping up with this blog difficult, but secondly and more importantly to DaWanda sellers, I want this to become more of a community thing. The DaWanda community spirit is something really to be proud of and I feel together we could really turn this little blog into a great show case for sellers... maybe even create more sales?! The job role isn't a big one... in fact I create posts every other week, but with the main blog and the ning community time is only finite.

If you are interested, please check out where I have given you full details of the free promotional gifts you will get in return!

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