Thursday, November 11, 2010

How DaWanda can save your mood or My first purchase!

Everybody surely knows that. It is a Sunday evening, there are lots of things you could, should or would do, but you just cannot be bothered to. Nothing on TV, no good book to read, your boyfriend is stuck in some PC game you do not like and not even your bunnies want to be cuddled. Of course you could get creative and craft something, as you have got some free time to spend; but no, you just do not feel like it and how could you produce something nice, catchy or simply beautiful when your mood is bad and a huge black cloud hanging over your head?

There is a magic cure against bad moods that every woman knows best and every man fears. Shopping!
But where to shop on a Sunday evening?
At DaWanda, of course!

When I opened my shop on DaWanda, I promised myself never ever to buy something and only to sell as I wanted to make some money and not spend a lot of it. For some time I even managed to refrain from looking around in the other shops, but of course after a while, it got me. And then this Sunday evening came and whilst having a look at the new arrivals, I stumbled across the shop from loobyloucrafts. I found a gorgeous head band there and looked at it for several minutes. A head band… I had always played with the thought of getting such a nice accessory! And it is made of Japanese fabrics. And not too expensive…

(An example from Loobyloucrafts's Shop)

The decision was made quickly and so this lovely head band became my first purchase. I paid via PayPal the day after I bought it and am now eagerly waiting for it to arrive. And who knows, perhaps I will even participate in the "you and your DaWanda pressie" photo contest!

So what did I learn from that? Virtual shopping at DaWanda works in the same, bad mood curing way as "real life shopping" and it even makes two people happy - you and the DaWanda shop owner you bought something from!

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