Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Collections at Florcita on DaWanda!

Written by Mariana of Floricta

Nowadays one of the biggest problems nature has to deal with, is our plastic waste.

Millions of plastic bags we get from the supermarket, pharmacy, shops in general end up laying for years in landfills creating mountains of garbage. Plastic bags that are thrown to the ocean or get there via rivers, kill as many as 1million sea creatures per year. Sounds grim. Yes. But you can do something. And here a start to being *part of the solution*.

Take your own bag when you go shopping. No, they don't have to be boring bags. They can be pretty, with flowers and birds and funny little hand painted drawings. You don't believe me? Well, here they are: Handpainted canvas bags. Some with a combination of fabric collage, beads, buttons, fabric paint and much more.
They come in 2 sizes: 25x21 and 38x42cm.
All the designs are mine.

*They are stylish, fun, environmentally friendly and very affordable! *You can do something to change the gray facts of pollution. Join the thousands that are trying to help nature and help ourselves. *BUY A CANVAS BAG!*

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