Monday, July 2, 2012

DaWanda On-Line Promo Bags... a call for more entries!

Good Morning,

I'm trying to get together a new batch of on-line DaWanda promo bags... if you are interested in joining in and finding out more, please read below.

Here's how it works;

  • Contact the relevant person through DaWanda for their address
  • Have ready 15/20 Business cards and/or Small promotional samples – no breakables.
  • Each item you send should be clearly labelled with your DaWanda shop. Once received by the organiser your cards and/or items will be added to the 'Promo' bags. These will then be distributed to potential buyers.
  • As an added extra... if you are participating in the on-line bags you will be added to my pinboard at SarasTextureCrafts/DaWanda-Promo-Bags-here-are-the-sellers

Here are your contacts;

Thank you,

Sara x
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