Sunday, January 8, 2012

No SPAM please!

Now we all know that we are going to get SPAM, it's a fact of on-line life... but it does annoy us and can become upsetting when it comes continually from one source. Recently I have had a run of SPAM in the form of blog comments here on the blog, all of which I delete before they are published... but still they keep coming. I think someone thinks I will miss one and press 'publish'!

So here are my requirements for leaving comments, here on the blog...
  1. Leave a comment related to the post in question, or a general 'this is a great place, thanks for sharing' comment... we all like to hear that!
  2. Do feel free to leave discussion based comments... it's always good to hear feedback or work with new ideas.
  3. Do feel free to ask a question... we are here to help.
  4. Please do not leave comments that ask us to visit other sites unrelated to DaWanda... they will not be published.
  5. Please do not leave comments that are HTML based... these will not be published.
  6. Note that no negative comments will be published... it's unfair to the sellers who work hard to promote themselves and DaWanda here.

Ok... rant over!

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