Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Introducing... Silver Beauty!

1. DaWanda Shop Name: Silverbeauty
2. DaWanda Shop URL:
3. When did you open your shop? I opened my shop on January 25, 2008
4. Are you in the DaWanda Shop Directory here? Not yet.
5. What Category are you under? Jewellery
6. What do you sell? I sell all kinds of trendy and unique designs of jewellery. Most materials I use are wood, shells, an assortment of beads and sterling silver to create necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets.
7. Describe 2 of your current products.

I currently have a pair of earrings called 'Seashell Paradise 2' they are made from shell and hand dipped into green dye to give them a bright appearance. When dipping shells no two are a like and you never know what design will appear when dry! Very unique looking!

A second pair of earrings I designed and are also one of my favorites are called 'Modern Wood.' These earrings where designed and carved out of wood and stained in a deep brown, making them look very rich and modern looking.

8. Tell me a bit about you... I am a inspiring jewellery designer that loves to create unique and trendy fashions! I reside in Canada and hope to one day make jewellery designing my full-time job.

I have always been fascinated with the creations of jewellery. More importantly the influences of culture, your surroundings and how creativity works.

Through my experiences as a inspiring designer I have learned that you can not turn creativity on and off. Creativity finds you, you can not find it. So when you have a creative idea run with it you never know who you might inspire!!!

The work that appears in my shop is what relaxes and makes me feel unique. So please enjoy and visit often, you never know what you might find...

9. Do you have a website, or blog? No. Just my DeWanda page to start.

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