Saturday, December 4, 2010

Useful Business Resources

Those first steps into starting your own small business can be daunting and if you have made it this far and you already have your own DaWanda shop, then you are doing ok. However, now is the time to get yourself out there! Whether you want to stay small scale, or turn your crafts into a brand we all need a point in the right direction right?! So we need some good resources... where to start?!

On the right hand side of this blog I have created an initial resource list, some entries are a little more intense than others but never-the-less they all have hints and tips that can take us further on our journeys.

I hope that you find these useful and if you can think of any internet sites you would like to share with us then please post here and I will check them out. You can also write your own craft business articles too! Just contact me with your entry... DaWanda Directory - English Editor

Sara x

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