Saturday, January 1, 2011

Profile Pages as Advertising Tools

Earlier on in the year I was asked by another selling forum to write an article about Seller profiles. I decided to use this opportunity to show that profile pages can be used as an in-store marketing tool to benefit both you (the Seller) and your customers. I am now posting a version of this article here, as I think it has benefit to our DaWanda community.

Taking the time to write a good profile page is your key opportunity as a Seller to reach out to your customers and entice them into your store with a background to the business and products you are selling. Whilst selling forums often advise which bits of information you post here, there is no hard or fast rule about how you should present it. There are however ways in which you can strive to write a great profile page and maximise your opportunity to sell.

Here are some options I think could help on DaWanda;

The first paragraph is key. If you watch a film, you can usually tell within the first 10 minutes whether you want to keep on watching, well it’s that same thing with profile pages… your first paragraph is the key to keeping your customers reading.

Get friends and family to read your first paragraph – does it spark interest? Raise positive questions? Or make them want to read more?

Follow this with a clearly defined layout. Not all buyers have the time/want, or need to read your entire profile each time they visit. So define your layout by use of titles, line breaks or capitalisation of key words. That way your buyer can skim down the page to look for the heading they're interested in, without reading through the whole thing to find the answers to their questions.

Next make your profile text easy to read. It is important to be as clear and concise in your wording as possible… you want to keep their attention once you have got them past the first paragraph! It is also worth remembering that DaWanda is a global market place, so English is not necessarily everyone’s first language.

And finally, write in a friendly and approachable manner, remembering to keep it professional.

Like few other selling forums DaWanda is starting to gain a real sense community spirit about it, so capitalise on this! Shoppers and fellow Sellers like to spend time getting to know a shop before they buy, so don’t be afraid to write a bit about your self, or your business. Do remember to keep a professional edge to your profile though… after all you are a business, whether you sell the extra bags you knit whilst sat in front of your telly, or you are a full time operation! Buyers must feel that you take your products and business seriously. So striking a balance here is key.

- All of this is great, but what do I include? Well, let’s have a look…

Firstly, tell me something about yourself. Adding a short biography can give buyers so much information about you as an artist. Feel free to tell me a bit about your background, where you come from and how you started your business. Tell me about what inspires you and your craft passions.

Secondly, tell me something about your business and your products. Give your readers an idea of what you are setting out to achieve. What is your mission/why are you selling me this?

You could include:

Is your business a part-time venture, full-time or a charity?
What sort of products do you sell?
What is the idea behind your products?
What’s special about them?
How are they manufactured?

Remember, although you want to be informative you do not want to scare your reader off at this point with a hard sell!

Keep your shop policies and additional product information in the relevant area. Listing your policies here would be duplication. Try to keep these is the provided boxes, that way they will show up under each listed item.

And Lastly! Remember that what reads as a great profile is entirely personal to the reader, so don’t worry about competing with your fellow sellers; write something that you feel comfortable with publishing.

Lots to think about? Yes, I think so. A well written profile page is something we should take our time over and use to try and capture the essence of what we are about. Your profile page is where you get to show the energy and joy you have and to inspire potential buyers.

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