Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project Wonderful Update - Advertising on this site.

As you know I have been using Project Wonderful to help bring in money to advertise the community sites; DaWanda Shop Directory Blog (here), DaWanda Shop Directory Links and DaWanda Shopping Community. Today I have been able to start an out-going campaign bidding on boxes to advertise our Ning community at DaWanda Shopping Community and primarily our shops. However, because I am currently spending more on this campaign than making I am having to change the rules for advertisers... where I was once only allowing DaWanda Shops to add their adverts, I am now allowing any bidder to buy a space. This will allow me to be able to afford a much wider advertising campaign on your behalf and help to spread the word about DaWanda. Please note that if you are a DaWanda Seller and you bid using your DaWanda Shop URL your ad will automatically be approved above any other.

Sara x

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