Monday, August 6, 2012


1. DaWanda Shop Name: Alfanhui´s Craftwork
2. DaWanda Shop URL:
3. When did you open your shop? 08/09/2007
4. Are you in the DaWanda Shop Directory here? Yes
5. What Category are you under? Toys
6. What do you sell? Amigurumis turned into brooches, pins...also amigurumi patterns
7. Describe 2 of your current products.

a. Amigurumi Brooch, pin or keyholder - This little undefined amigurumi can be a brooch, a pin or a keyholder... you choose! Just let me know! It measures about 2,8". It´s name is Sparkle and has a small hat with a jingle bell that sounds every time he moves.
b. Little Amigurumi Bear Peg. This little bear matches with the lion peg and measures 3.1". You can hold your wool or just hang it anywhere you like. It has a clothes peg inside and it´s very smooth.

8. Tell me a bit about you...

Hi!! I’m Spanish and I adore amigurumis and making crafty things. I’ve been knitting almost all of my life, but since I discovered this little stuffed toys I can’t stop!! So I decided to share all my creations and turn my hobby into my work.

9. Do you have a website, or blog? La Condena de Aracne

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