Friday, August 3, 2012

DaWanda group on Indiepublic - new moderators

Hi Guys,

You may have read my recent post about needing a little help to run the Indiepublic DaWanda group at (157 members). Well over night, three wonderful DaWanda sellers came forward to work together and moderate the group.

Today I want to introduce you to the new group moderators for the Indiepublic DaWanda Group...

Group Moderators
Andreanna -
(DaWanda Shop - so good it will give you cavities!)
Margaret -
(DaWanda shop - wonderfully individual handmade gifts.)
Maz -
(DaWanda shop - handcrafted artisan jewellery.)

Do pop over and show them some support and check out their fantastic shops on DaWanda too!

What is Indiepublic? Here's my introductory article There are also lots of ways you can promote your DaWanda shop on indiepublic too... so check it out!

Sara x

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