Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texture Inspiration at Sara's Texture Crafts!

Sara's Texture Craft Packs are designed to give you materials of inspiration for small projects, or for use in larger pieces of textile art.

Each kit contains:
 1 x 30cm square (approximately) of fabric
 3 x 15cm square (approximately) of fabric
 1m (approximately) of fancy thread
 20 x beads (approximately)
 30 x sequins (approximately)

Please note that each texture pack will vary, as some fabrics are hand dyed and others are cuttings from larger lengths or vintage scarves. Colours may also differ slightly to those pictured; this is an unavoidable difference resulting from digital photography. If you have any questions on colour please ask.

Suggestions for use in projects/crafts:
1. Machine embroidery
2. Embroidery
3. Card making
4. 3D relief work
5. Doll making
6. Appliqu├ęs on weaves
7. ACO's, or ACEO kits
8. Jewellery and accessory making.

Thanks for looking...

Sara x

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