Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking to promote your DaWanda store?

Look no further and join DaWanda Promo Bags today!

There is still time for anyone who wants to be involved in the first batch of promotional bags to send their items to us.

Here are your contacts;

DaWanda On-line promos (bags sold through DaWanda and hopefully this blog too) - SarasTextureCrafts
UK Show promos (given out at UK shows) - MagicPumpkinsandFaeryDust
German Show promos (given out at German shows) - ContasKoeln
French Show promos (given out at French shows) - TriUne

Here's how it works;

  1. Contact the relevant person through DaWanda for their address
  2. Have ready 15/20 Business cards and/or Small promotional samples – no breakables. Each item you send should be clearly labelled with your DaWanda shop.
  3. Once received by the organiser your cards and/or items will be added to the 'Promo' bags.
  4. These will then be distributed to potential buyers.
  5. As an added extra... if you are participating in the on-line bags you will be added to my pinboard at SarasTextureCrafts/DaWanda-Promo-Bags-here-are-the-sellers
Here are some examples of the German Show, DaWanda promo bags that have already been distributed by ContasKoeln

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