Friday, January 4, 2013

Making Promos - The Importance of Giving for Your Business

Serendipity comes in many forms, from the most transcendental to the everyday events. Yesterday I received a message from Sara, editor of the English Dawanda Shop Directory Blog, to tell me that the first batch of promo bags had sold out and reminding me to send more promos if I wanted. Casually, I had spent my day making promo charms to give to my Tarot reading consultants at The Old Riga, the tea bar where I have the readings every Tuesday. Casually? Not really!

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My addition to the bags: a mini magick kit.

Making promos has proved to me to be a wonderfully effective way to grow a home-based business. They let people know about the real quality of your work, actually they let them know why you stand above the rest!

So, don’t be greedy with your promos. A criteria I think works really well is to go through that part in your craft inventory you never “dare” to use. That lace that is just too beautiful and you have been saving project after project. That lampwork beads. That ribbon. Anything that transmits luxury to you will transmit it to your customers.

As Crafters, we have the privilege of our time. Though the cost of the materials for the promo may be low – or nothing if you work with found and recycled supplies as I do many times, you can give to the work as much time as you want to. Make a special packaging, add that extra touch, and your promos will stand by itself and become a future sale!

Also, a promo is a “good karma insurance” for your business – there is nothing more true than prosperity cannot be reached without generosity. If what you give for free is quality, the help and surprises coming in your life will be of the same quality. Have you ever wondered what good luck was? Good luck is just the returning echo of good actions and good choices.

Close-up of charms and card, printed from a vintage postcard.

I made this batch of charms last year. Actually I first made the originals, then made moulds, and then made the actual charms in air-dry clay, one by one. After drying, I sanded, painted and varnished them. Again one by one. There were a hundred charms so they took almost a whole week. Many were sold as jewelry of all kinds and the last batch was hoarded for a year, never finding something that was special enough to add the charms to it.

Beautifully packaged and ready to fly!

A wing is a symbol of freedom, dreams and purity. It is also a metaphor of the presence of angels on our lives, thus a homage of recognition of everyday miracles. They were perfect to be given for free! So often we only focus on dissatisfaction, I find myself many times reminding my consultants to count their blessings everyday and recognized they are guided by Angels.

Were they kept – or even were they made – to be a messenger of hope? No doubt of it. I’m sure they will reach the right hands, though I won’t know them as the owners of the tea bar will give the charms freely to whoever they choose along the week - they are quite intuitive people themselves so nothing else will be needed for the charms to get to their legitimate owners.

I am almost anticipating the taste of a wave of free energy coming back to me. It is the taste of Giving, the most powerful of all marketing tools! Practise it.

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