Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Look Directory!

Hi Directory Readers!

As you may have noticed this morning the Directory has a new look. I am hoping the new 3 column layout will provide easy reading and help to frame the articles and seller features, to show them off a bit more.

All links are here as they were before, but some have been moved to the new left column. These are; at the top left - links to DaWanda and then links to the advertised shops there. Below those are the DaWanda blogs and then the links for you to find other seller communities on DaWanda, which is an area we hope to grow over the coming year. The right hand column will now be dedicated to Directory links, resources, shops and information only.

I have also limited the front page articles from 20 to 10, this I think will help keep readers interested in current affairs before they explore individual topics. And remember there is also room for shop advertisement at the bottom of the blog (all advertising is currently free - see Advertising on this site to book yours!)


Sara x

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